ACCIDENT & INJURY coverage & Ca$h for Fighters!


I WISH I had put this together years ago. It’s an ACCIDENT/INJRY policy that can be added by any MMA fighter, which pays cash any time you have an injury due to accidents/fights/training etc. Here are the key points:

1. Does NOT matter what other coverage you have, or don’t have, it doesn’t matter if the promotion covers your fight with some type of insurance. This is coverage designed to pay fast cash for any injury that occurs to you in the course 24 hours a day. I have confirmed that FIGHTING and FIGHT TRAINING are considered “accidents”. If you end up with “Double Coverage” that is fine, the cash still comes to you, and can be used for whatever you like or need.

2. This is an AFLAC policy that pays you cash every time you have an injury that needs professional attention. AFLAC is a Fortune 500 company, have over 50 million people insured, and are known for paying out cash claims within the week.

3. CASH for PAIN: There are cash payouts for getting your annual physical ($40 or $60) / ($100-$200) for injury necessitated MRI or other diagnstic exams / $20-$25 for each X-ray per accident / $500-$1000 if hospitalized / Specific cash pay out for broken bones, Cuts, concussions, burns, ER Dental work, eye injury, etc.

4. Some of you know I have had my insurance license for 23 years, and this is the first time I’ve found a product that could benefits so many of my friends and clients.

5. If the accident takes place out of the USA, you can have the claims paid to your bank account within a weeks as long as you have the billing done in English, and that you file the claim on-line.

6. BOTTOM LINE – Any of you can purchase this, and have it go into effect within 72 hours, cost is $31.33/month for the Basic plan (Mid coverage is $41.86 and TOP is $52.65), and the rates are LOCKED in for LIFE, you cannot be canceled for excessive USE, nor will your rates go up. Basically every active Fighter I know will have more than $400 in claims each year, and therefore they make a profit for the damage done to their bodies and also receive cash for necessary things like physical and Sometimes MRI’s. *(must be purchased w auto bank with-drawl or credit card, cash & check will NOT be accepted)

This is just a service I now offer, call or email me if you want to discuss further. I personally have bought the MID policy for myself and my kids for $61.62/month, and have no doubt even retired, I’ll be getting my money back and then some.

*** THIS IS NOT MEDICAL INSURANCE, it does NOT qualify as minimum essential health coverage. It is an accident policy that pays you cash when you have been injured in an accident.

Will Hammond
cell (206)920-3489
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